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    Supermajority of TAM workers organize for union representation

    November 15, 2022 // On Oct. 17, TAM’s board of trustees received the workers’ letter requesting union representation. In the letter that TAM Workers United sent to the board and leadership, they expressed that their “efforts have been undermined by un-livable wages, unsafe working conditions, no opportunity to provide input on policy, few avenues for review and advancement, a lack of accountability and transparency, as well as fear of retaliation when we raise concerns.” AM Workers United


    October 21, 2022 // Among the benefits workers hope to obtain by unionizing are higher wages, more benefits, a voice in institutional decisions that impact them, and increased transparency on the part of management. Wages of particular concern according to the unionizing staffers, with many workers receiving between $15 and $17 an hour, which they contend is not a living wage in the Tacoma area and forces them to take on second jobs. The employees on October 17 delivered to the museum’s board of trustees a letter requesting union representation. As well, roughly a dozen employees gathered outdoors across the street from the museum that day to announce the unionization effort, with local and state labor leaders out in force to show their support.

    MLB and players reportedly reach an agreement to unionize the minor leagues

    September 12, 2022 // The bargaining unit would include minor leaguers except for 40-man major league roster players on option, who are covered by the big league union; players assigned to the Dominican Summer League, which is outside the U.S.; and players on the voluntary retired list. Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said Friday he anticipated an agreement. Martin Scheinman

    Kentucky: Courier Journal journalists are unionizing — here’s why

    September 2, 2022 // The unionization effort comes after 34 journalists have left the CJ in the last two years. Journalists there have experienced furloughs, layoffs and buyouts. According to a tweet from the Courier Journal Guild, a few of its demands are: Create a system of pay raises to reward institutional knowledge and commitment to Louisville Ensure all salaries are equitable, fair and livable Drop the paywall on stories in the public’s interest, including those on natural disasters and Covid-19

    Biden Administration Seeks to Limit Employer Speech to Aid in Union Organizing

    June 24, 2022 // Recently, leading officials in the Biden administration have taken steps to prevent employers from sharing their lawful views on collective bargaining in order to aid union efforts to organize more employees. These actions range from encouraging employers to refrain from discussing unions with employees, to seeking to prohibit any discussion about unions with employees while they are working. If the National Labor Relations Board ("Board") implements the administration’s actions, it would make it significantly harder for employers to oppose union organizing campaigns and make it easier for employees to organize.