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    UAW, Ford reach agreement; strike at truck plant in Louisville avoided

    February 22, 2024 // Last Friday, the union issued a release that said nearly 9,000 workers at the Kentucky Truck Plant in east Louisville would strike on Feb. 23 if Ford failed to address certain issues. Point of contention included health and safety inside the plant, including minimum "in-plant nurse staffing levels and ergonomic issues," plus the company's attempts to "erode the skilled trades" at the plant.

    Can Women Help Fill the Shortage of Trade Workers? Unions Are Betting On It.

    February 27, 2023 // Cassidy is one of a small but growing number of women who’ve entered the trades in the last few decades who are urging others to join a fast-growing industry where union-protected jobs provide good pay and benefits. Historically, trades have overwhelmingly employed men. Now, the lack of women in these jobs could hurt the country’s ambitions to fix the country’s aging roads and bridges and transition more quickly to renewable energy like wind and solar. This point was driven home at a forum on workforce development held by the North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) in January, where union leaders and industry executives met in Washington, D.C., to address the shortage of skilled trades workers.

    UAW members challenge Ray Curry for union presidency

    July 5, 2022 // Instituting direct elections of United Auto Workers' international officials is leading some members to step up and challenge President Ray Curry to the union's top role, even from within Solidarity House. Passage last year of the "one member, one vote" system by a referendum vote of the membership was brought on by a years-long corruption scandal, implicating 17 people, including two former UAW presidents. It's setting up a historic leadership selection process ahead of next year's critical contract negotiations with the Detroit Three automakers as their transition to electrification increasingly affects shop floors and as the union covers an increasingly diverse swath of members. court-appointed UAW monitor, Reuther or Administrative Caucus, pension and retirement health-care benefits, socialist,