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BACKGROUNDER: Small Businesses Before Bureaucrats

May 16, 2022 // Rep. Good said, “Our nation’s small businesses should be able to operate freely without facing the threat of a federal agency imposing mandates that can put them out of business.”

Biden Administration’s Davis-Bacon ‘Reforms’ Are More Pork for Labor Unions

May 17, 2022 // The construction industry currently faces supply chain disruptions, unprecedented materials-cost inflation, declining investment in structures, and a skilled-labor shortage of 650,000 people in 2022. To make matters worse, the Biden administration proposed controversial new regulations in March that will needlessly increase construction costs and discourage small businesses from bidding on taxpayer-funded projects.

Op-Ed: County collective bargaining bill rewards unions, harms employees and taxpayers

May 17, 2022 // Buoyed by taxpayer support and armed with coercively inflated dues revenue, unions will plow resources into electing county commissioners more favorably disposed to union demands at the bargaining table, thus further increasing their power.

Wage Theft Prevention and Wage Theft Recovery Backgrounder

May 18, 2022 // “Unfortunately, even if H.R. 7701 is well intended, this legislation applies heavy-handed stipulations, stifling costs, is an unwarranted expansion of DOL powers, and grants government policing powers to special interest groups like unions. It would do more to undermine American workers and businesses than it could ever do to address legitimate instances of improper wages and payments.”

Connecticut: Lamont Inks New Employment Law Backed By Unions

May 19, 2022 // But the bill was marked as both hostile to employers and potentially illegal by the state’s largest business organization, the Connecticut Business and Industry Association. Following its passage through the legislature last month, CBIA president and CEO Chris DiPentima wrote to Lamont and encouraged him to veto it.

Op-Ed: Big Labor fights dirty over control of Southeast port jobs

May 20, 2022 // Daggett and Co. are counting on pro-forced unionism bureaucrat Lauren McFerran, whom President Joe Biden elevated to the NLRB chairmanship last year, and two other NLRB members selected by Biden last year to sit on this case while they continue to break the law. If top ILA union bosses turn out to be right about the NLRB, then the hybrid work model that has greatly enhanced the competitiveness of the major North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia ports will be in grave jeopardy.

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